Monday, November 3, 2008


For Jacks first Halloween he was an elephant. I found the costume in August in the magazine Chasing Fireflies and I just had to have it. So it seemed like forever that we have had it. I never thought he would do so well and keep the ears on but he really did. These pictures were taken at uncle Danno and aunt Pittie's office.

Uncle Danno thought Jack needed a carmel apple

Thanks for the elephant Pittie and Danno

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great News!!!

Great news everyone, my parents finally sold their house and they are moving to HARRISON!!!! I really don't know who is more excited my parents or myself. My parents house has been on the market since December and it finally sold. So it has been rather crazy looking at houses all over again and trying to get things in order here. They have to be out of their home on the 17th of this month and moved up here!! Have I told you how excited I am!! Anyways they have found a house and are able to get in it right away. Next thing is, how beautiful are all the fall colors in the leaves and all around. Last week I took Jack out and took a few fall pictures and they really turned out cute. Here are just a few.

I promise to post Jacks Halloween pics THIS week, now this is a big promise from me, two posts in one week.WOW