Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's been awhile

I know I am a real big slacker! I really do have an excuse this time. I have been sick. I have been to the ER, blood work after blood work, an radioactive test and everything else under the sun. I started noticing my heart skipping beats everyone once in a while and then last Friday is when it hit me like o ton of bricks. I called Matt to come home and help me with little man and maybe I could lay down for a little while to see if that would help relieve some pressure on my back. Well finally Saturday after laying in bed all day and running 102 fever Matt finally said we had to go to the ER. While waiting 3 hours to see a doctor the conclusion was a severe kidney infection and a thyroid problem. So now after all kinds of testing I am on meds to hopefully fix the problem. If anyone out there has had thyroid problem please help! This is no fun (except the loosing weight part) and I need support from someone who has had issues with this before.