Thursday, December 25, 2008


Cody is way cooler than Matt!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So this past weekend we had our friends Christmas party and it was fabulous! This year we decided to mix it up and do an ugly Christmas sweater party. Turned out that everyone really got into it. All of our friends would say "do you have your sweater yet" in any conversation. We really had a great time and laughed so hard. I have to say the guys we just great in all the women's sweater that came up to there belly buttons. Here are a few to share with you.



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1st hair cut

Today Jack got his first big boy hair cut. Mommy has been putting it off and putting it off. On the way to the salon he decided to take a nap and continued through out the hair cut. Here is a picture before

and after!

Monday, November 3, 2008


For Jacks first Halloween he was an elephant. I found the costume in August in the magazine Chasing Fireflies and I just had to have it. So it seemed like forever that we have had it. I never thought he would do so well and keep the ears on but he really did. These pictures were taken at uncle Danno and aunt Pittie's office.

Uncle Danno thought Jack needed a carmel apple

Thanks for the elephant Pittie and Danno

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great News!!!

Great news everyone, my parents finally sold their house and they are moving to HARRISON!!!! I really don't know who is more excited my parents or myself. My parents house has been on the market since December and it finally sold. So it has been rather crazy looking at houses all over again and trying to get things in order here. They have to be out of their home on the 17th of this month and moved up here!! Have I told you how excited I am!! Anyways they have found a house and are able to get in it right away. Next thing is, how beautiful are all the fall colors in the leaves and all around. Last week I took Jack out and took a few fall pictures and they really turned out cute. Here are just a few.

I promise to post Jacks Halloween pics THIS week, now this is a big promise from me, two posts in one week.WOW

Monday, October 6, 2008


I have always been a HUGE Tina Turner fan, and last Wednesday I got to see her LIVE!! It was amazing. Josh,Ashley,Matt and I headed to Kansas City on Wednesday. On the way up there no one was really all that excited like I was. Once we got to the hotel, we didn't have much time to do anything but get ready and go. So me, all grins all day, headed to the Sprint center. It was a 2 hour show of just HER! She danced in 4 inch heels the whole time, amazing! Tina was wonderful and so were her back up dancers. I did not take my camera but Matt took some pictures on his phone but they did not turn out very good! Thanks Ashley for wonderful seats and thanks to the guys for putting up with me singing Tina and talking about it the weeks.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun weekend

Hey everyone, I know it has been a while(thanks Haley for the reminder) but it is so hard to compete with all of Haley's fun blogs! Well we went to Benton on Thurday to see Kacey(college roommate), Blake and Ava. While we were there we had a shower for our great friend Erin. It was a success! We pulled it of and we think everyone really enjoyed it. It was so nice to spend so time with the girls just laughing and caring on. The boys went and played golf and we spent the day running around and getting everything we needed for the shower. Jack and Ava, which is about 2 months older, had a great time playing together. Here are some pictures of the Jack and Ava playing. See how cute Erin is and baby Kinley!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Today was Jacks first day back at mothers day out and I just thought I would show everyone a picture before we left. Notice the HUGE bruise on the forehead. He has had this for a while now and when one clears up, it see that he hits the same spot again. Hope everyone has a great week and I will post again after this weekend.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hello everyone! I have had so much fun looking at everyone blogs and I thought now is my time. This way all of my friends and family can see how CUTE and fast Jack is growing up and all the fun things that are going on!
Jack is now crawling and pulling up in everything! He is at such a fun age,well I guess every age is fun.

Here are a few new pictures, I hope you enjoy!